Morigesh Creeps Into Agora

A creepy, forest spirit has invaded Agora, seeking to destroy Paragon’s beloved fairy, The Fey. Her name is Morigesh, and it feels like she has stepped directly out of an episode of of American Horror Story: Roanoke. Lady Gaga resemblance aside, Morigesh quickly upended the Paragon meta as she felt very over-powered. In fact, she has […]

Semi-Finals Prediction: FlyQuest V. TSM

On Sunday, April 9th, FlyQuest eliminated Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) from the North American LCS quarter finals with a reverse sweep worthy of a roster containing three ex-Cloud 9 members (Hai, Balls, LemonNation). The five-game series was a spectacle to watch, especially the last three FlyQuest-dominated games, in which Hai’s creative shot-calling seemed to catch […]

Rise of the Crab-bot: Orisa Review

Overwatch’s newest hero, Orisa, is a beefy robot designed to protect her entire team while using her abilities to make herself even tankier than normal According to her lore, Orisa was designed by Numbani’s genius eleven-year-old, Efi Oladele, and is currently only one-month-old. Efi had originally designed Orisa as a guardian after a devastating attack […]

Twitch and the Streaming Community

Unless you are a dedicated member of the video game community, then you most likely never heard of the website Twitch is a social media site that allows users (or streamers) to set-up and broadcast their own live-stream for anyone willing to watch. Coupled with an in-channel chat component, Twitch allows every single stream to […]