About the Author

My name is Kyle “Naminoo” Kalbach. I am 23 years old, and study Journalism and Public Relations at Monmouth University in New Jersey. From the moment I was born I have been interested in all things geeky: video games, books, movies, and so much more. It’s all my mother’s fault. She played the original Mario non-stop while pregnant with me. I’ve been trained as a gamer.

Geeks Play Games is a video game and geek culture blog written for pro-geeks and noobs alike. Welcome to the adventure that is Nerdvana. Geeks Play Games was created as a college project.

Below are the video games I most commonly play. I included short descriptions for those who may not be familiar with some of the titles, seeing as I may often discuss them in Geeks Play Games.

League of Legends:
A Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). League is a team based, strategic tower capture game. Two teams of 5 defend three lanes of turrets and inhibitors and one nexus per team. The winning objective of the game is to destroy the enemy team’s nexus. Features over 120 champions to play.
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Also a MOBA. Much like League, Paragon consists of two teams of five players defending lanes of turrets and inhibitors. Unlike League of Legends, Paragon features 360 degrees of motion targeting. Features dozens of different heroes to play.
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On the surface, Overwatch is a first person shooter. However, it is a complex competitive eSport. Teams of six compete to either push/defend cargo, or to take capture points. The game offers numerous different characters to choose from.
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Final Fantasy XIV:
FF14 is the second Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing (MMORPG) in the famous Final Fantasy franchise. Much like World of Warcraft, players create their character and complete quests and clear dungeons to level up and strengthen themselves.
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